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Trademark Counterfeiting Investigations & Intellectual Property Investigations


Trademark Counterfeiting is the manufacturing of a product so that it looks just like another product as to appear to be that product. This practice violates state and federal laws and Intellectual Property & Trademark Identity rights, Patent Infringement, Brand Name & Domain Name rights, Copyright Infringement, and Piracy. Each year the counterfeiting industry in the United States and world wide deprives legitimate companies of billions of dollars, and it is rapidly growing. The private investigators at Confidential Research Co hit the streets and locate counterfeit products in stores, shopping malls and street vendors. Through surveillance and old school investigating we follow the trail from the point of sale back to the storage locations and ultimately to the manufacturers. Most people don't realize that almost all counterfeiting operations are a means of generating cash for underworld organizations and are directly tied to crimes like narcotic trafficking, the sex trade, money laundering and most important, terrorism.

Corporate & Organization Investigations, Private Eye


Whether it's hand bags, watches, accessories, clothing, automotive parts, recorded music & movies or anything else, we have the experience and resources to handle it all. We have over 24 years experience in trademark counterfeiting and piracy investigations. We have organized and participated with the execution of numerous Ex Parte Civil Seizure Orders and assisted local & federal law enforcement agencies to conduct criminal actions. As a result, millions of dollars worth of counterfeit merchandise has been seized & destroyed. The individuals responsible for the manufacturing, distribution and/or sales of such items have been sued or arrested and many illegal companies have been permanently closed and dismantled.


We serve Cease & Desist letters which very often result with the vendors voluntarily surrendering the counterfeit merchandise, and we assist IP attorneys by gathering evidence in preparations for litigation, and Process Service. We are directly responsible for one of the largest seizures of counterfeit hand bags on the east coast, for which we received an award from the United States Customs Service.  

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