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Criminal Background Investigations

and Comprehensive Background Checks

In today's world, keeping informed is the name of the game. Learning about the history of a business or an individual gives you the ability to verify their claims and representations before it's too late. Don't put yourself in a bad situation because of poorly researched decisions. Reduce the risk of putting yourself or your organization in harm's way through our criminal background investigations. Let our experienced private investigators do the work for you.

A comprehensive background investigation or criminal background check on any individual or business is a highly recommended tool designed to help people make informed decisions before making a commitment.

Our criminal records and background investigations reports are very affordable and have the most current information available in an easy to read format. We can customize your report so it will only include the information you require for your specific needs.   

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Criminal Background Investigations - New York

Pre-Employment Background Check - New York 


Criminal background checks are an important part of the pre-employment screening process so you can determine if the applicant is honest and reliable. Now, you can virtually eliminate employee theft, misconduct, and fraud even before it happens.


If a proposition sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Do not take unnecessary risks that would likely cause harm to your business. A comprehensive business background check will help you make the right decisions with peace of mind.

 Potential Tenant Background Check - New York


Background investigations and criminal background checks play an important part in the tenant screening process. Don't rely solely on first impressions. Be certain that your potential tenant is creditworthy and actively employed or has a valid means of income. Let us create a unique report for you that is not only affordable but will also provide a vast array of background information on your potential tenant or roommate.

 Premarital Background Check - New York


Ordering a premarital background check to learn about a potential life partner's history is very important. With today's lifestyles and conditions, it's wise to know your life partner's background. There is no reason why you should not be able to verify your significant other's claims and representations of who they are, what they do, and where they have been. We identify known sex offenders and can provide criminal history reports on request.

We respect everyone's right to privacy; therefore, for all background checks and investigations, we will request that certain identification criteria and other measures should be met. Please be aware that this extra step will assure us that we are not assisting stalkers or individuals with malicious intentions.

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