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How do you find someone's hidden bank accounts or their current place of employment? By choosing our professional private investigators to do it for you. That is the difference between success and failure. Finding someone's secret bank accounts and other assets  is not always an easy task, espicially if that person goes to great lengths to conceal such information. That is why you need a professional private investigator to do an asset search. We also do employment searches to find anyone's current place of employment. 

A valid purpose for requesting an Asset Search must be provided.


Divorces & Matrimonial Issues. As you can imagine, divorce proceedings are very stressful. You need to have all your facts in order and know the locations and particulars of all assets. Our private investigators will find hidden bank accounts and other investments before litigation procedures begin.

Estates. A family member may have deceased prior to disclosing the locations of their bank accounts or other asset information to you. Our private investigators will find these assets

*All Asset & Bank

Account Searches

Are GLB Compliant

CONTACT Confidential Research Co. for fast accurate results. We are discreet, reliable and affordable. Our experienced private investigators have helped hundreds of people make informed decisions by providing current and precise information, guaranteed.

Child Support. All too often a child suffers because the parent responsible for paying child support claims to be paying all they can afford while secretly maintaining some sort of investment or hidden bank account. Most often they will claim to be unemployed or under paid while actually receiving all or a portion of their wages in cash. A private investigator can let you know for sure.

Civil Judgments, Repossessions. A private investigator will find hidden assets and find bank accounts so you can collect on your judgment, and we locate debtors and their place of employment so you can begin the repossession process.


Brokerage Account Searches:
•Mutual Funds

Place of Employment Searches:
•Current employment information
•Historical employment information
•Source of garnishable income

Automobile, Watercraft & Aircraft Searches:
•Current registrant information
•Historical registrant information

Bank Account Searches:
•Secret/hidden bank accounts
•Savings accounts
•Checking accounts
•Certificate of Deposits (CD's)
•Offshore Accounts including Swiss and Cayman Islands
•Safe deposit boxes

Real Estate Property Searches:
•Current & historical property owned
•Property deed transfers
•Property tax payment summery

NOTE: The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB) prohibits the use of pretexting to obtain information. This is the use of false pretenses including making fraudulent statements or using impersonation to acquire an individuals personal financial information, including account numbers and account balances. The GLB Act also prohibits the knowing use of such practices by others to obtain information.
We respect everyone's right to privacy, therefore for all Asset Searches Investigations we will request that certain identification criteria and other measures be met. Please be aware that this extra step assures us we are not assisting stalkers or individuals with malicious intentions.