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Accident Investigations in Staten Island, NY

Workplace Accident – Staten Island, NY

Have you been involved in a workplace accident because of someone else's negligence?

Did you trip, slip and fall due to ice or obstructions in walkways, uneven sidewalks or slippery and wet surfaces?

Defective products and negligence cause many accidents in the workplace and around the home each year, and thousands of claims are filed each year because of these accidents. Whether you are a claimant who was injured, an insurance company personnel debating the claim, or the representing a law firm on either side, you can do no better than to let our experienced accident investigators gather whatever evidence may be necessary to substantiate your case. We locate and interview witnesses, conduct surveillance operations with video or digital photography, take photos of the accident location and do investigative process service. Our workplace accident investigators will deliver high-quality results you should expect to receive from a private detective agency in Staten Island, NY. 

Contact us now for more information about our private investigation services. We proudly serve clients throughout the entire USA.

Common Types Accidents and Injuries

Most common types of injuries and accidents in the workplace, outside, and around the home  are:

• Slip and fall, or trip and fall
• Elevator accidents
• Automobile accidents
• Asbestos exposure
• Asthma and other work-related pulmonary conditions
• Head injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, knee injuries, or shoulder injuries
• Electrocution, burns, and injuries suffered in explosions and fires
• Construction site accidents
• Dangerous and defective tools
• Disfigurement and scarring
• Hearing problems, headaches, and eye injuries.

Types of Workplace Accident – Staten Island, NY