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Find Missing People|Missing Persons Investigators 

Missing Person Investigations
At Confidential Research Co. we search for missing people quickly and discreetly. This is also known as Skip Tracing. Now you can find that long lost relative, missing friend or special someone from your past. Whether searching for a missing person, deadbeat parent, a tenant that skipped out without paying back rent, or any other missing people, hiring a private investigator is your first step to success and reconnection. We have the expertise to get the job done quickly because finding missing people is what we do.

Our prices begin at just $49.

Just provide a valid purpose for requesting a missing person investigation and as much information as possible about the missing person you are looking for. It is important to know the full name and correct spelling of the missing person and any or all of the following: 

Date of birth,

Social security number,

Last known address (or city & state.)

We will usually find missing people within 72 hours, however, some people will go to great lengths not to be found, and in such cases it can take longer to find them.

Our skip trace Investigators use various techniques to get the job done, and we utilize sources that the average person does not have access to. 

We guarantee all information provided will be current and precise, and starting at just $49 the cost to find missing people is very affordable.

 CONTACT US TODAY and you may be speaking with that missing person tomorrow! 

We respect everyone's right to privacy, therefore for all Missing Person Investigations we will request that certain identification criteria and other measures be met. Please be aware that this extra step assures us we are not assisting stalkers or individuals with malicious intentions.